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For Everyone Who Realizes Just How Insanely Perfect Ansel Elgort Is

‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Actor Ansel Elgort To Showcase Sporty Side; Joins Kevin Hart, Common In Celebrity Basketball Game

This is Charlie. He is the main character. He lives with his parents and his sister in a big house. Charlie is a real introvert person with not many friends, and when he starts high shool he is really affraid because everyone will think he is a "weirdo".

20 Questions With 'Divergent' And 'The Fault In Our Stars' Actor Ansel Elgort

Gus please come back! I love you, and never meant to hurt you. You should be with who you wanna be with. And me and Mel shouldn't interfere with that, oh my god, please. Please just come back. I love you, please. I'm so sorry.

Ansel Elgort

Divergent’s Theo James, Miles Teller and the Movie’s Hot Male Stars

Hi I'm Jack! I'm the son of The Joker! I'm not evil... My parents experimented on me, so I do have powers. But I'm not evil, sometimes people think I take it too far but I'm not. Anyway I'm bi, single, and