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I'm so sick of people today and them not thinking like learn how to walk or listen or use common sense. If I didn't have so much to do I would probably cry myself to sleep for the night.

When he subtly commented on the need for more women in Washington. | 23 Times Andy Dwyer Was Secretly A Genius

Absolutely true and a poor excuse and cop out. It's more like you knew I would be pissed and you feared it so you lied by omission only to create what you feared!

Expression of betrayal by step-parents and others who've given their love, time, resources to children who turn on them. How true.

She doesn't know how she feels, She doesn't want to accept the fact that she likes him; so she decides she won't talk about him, to get over him. She makes everyone think she doesn't like him, but the truth is : she's just too afraid to say it; She fell for him. She wants to catch herself before he does. Everyone thinks she'll just get hurt, and they won't last, like every other girl he dated. But she feels a strong connection. She debates whether or not to tell someone, to see how things…

I'm scared of reality, knowing its right there.... I'm scared just to even open my eyes sometimes because I've seen it all fall away.....

65957d2e93d3cc87bdd130e4bc11179d.jpg (236×334) "Not telling me something or hiding something on purpose is just THE SAME THING as lying"