The cancer center houses two concrete linear accelerator vaults on the first floor, which support the radiation oncology program. Color-changing LEDs create a soothing environment for patients as they receive treatment. Light-colored, wood-look flooring contrasts with dark-colored, wood-look millwork to finish the interior. Decorative sliding acrylic panels conceal treatment accessories from patient view. Photo: ©Chris Cooper.

Patient Room 2020 presents a vision that fuses the best of the American Medical Association and the Apple Store with a few CCs of Tron thrown in for good measure.

Architect Go Hasegawa collaborated with San Francisco–based company Airbnb to craft this two-story dwelling, clad in Yoshino cedar, as a combination community center and guest accommodation, with the first floor serving as a cozy public area for the townspeople to relax and chat and the second floor providing space for travelers and guests. After House Vision 2016, the prototype will be moved to the town of Yoshino and listed on Airbnb.

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