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Frederic Lord Leighton - God-Speed (1900)

Edmund Blair Leighton God Speed art painting for sale; Shop your favorite Edmund Blair Leighton God Speed painting on canvas or frame at discount price.

Witch forest tree and candles

Friday - Day FaerieCon outfit - black dress, green cape - jingle silver belt & staff - ON lace up flats

Old spinning wheel! I'm in love.

Sleeping Beauty Spanish fashion photographer, Eugenio Recuenco did a Fairy Tale-themed fashion shoot for Frnech Vogue in

God Speed! (detail) 1900.Edmund Blair-Leighton.  The Knight in Shining Armor receives The Lady’s Favour

'God Speed (detail)' by Edmund Blair-Leighton It being just a small detail of a larger painting makes it even more impressing.

Guillaume Charles Brun, "A Basket of Ribbons".  Art Renewal says Christen Brun, but Artnet says Guillaume Charles Brun . . . I trust Artnet more, but I don't know.  It's very like other paintings by Guillaume Charles--all of which I love.  The faces are so expressive . . .

Christen Brun A Basket of Ribbons Oil on panel 1869 x cm x Private collection Added: BUY a Fine Art Print from the ARC Store and Support ARC

I LOVE John William Waterhouse and want some of his originals!

My Sweet Rose ~ John William Waterhouse An English painter known for working in the Pre-Raphaelite style. He worked several decades after the breakup of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, leading him to have gained the name “the modern Pre-Raphaelite”.

omg. No clue who or what or why but I am in love with this. The ecstasy and light are wonderful. Can anyone fill me in?

russianist: “ “ Konstantin Flavitsky Princess Tarakanova (in the Peter and Paul Fortress at the Time of the Flood), c. oil on canvas, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. According to legend,.

fangirlingforinfinity: novellebooks: fangirlingforinfinity: maxon-my-dear: fangirlingforinfinity: WHO DREW THIS CUZ IT’S GORGEOUS I don’t know who drew it! It’s so nice though! It literally looks like the spitting image of America Singer! o-o I don’t even think it was made to look like a America it’s just a painting someone drew that looks exactly like her!! ❤️ That’s so cool! They probably read the book wait, no the artist is secretly Kiera…

Vladimir Volegov Familiar Melody painting for sale - Vladimir Volegov Familiar Melody is handmade art reproduction; You can buy Vladimir Volegov Familiar Melody painting on canvas or frame.

Lord Jesus Christ by El Greco

Image of Christ identified as "by El Greco" on this site. It doesn't look like El Greco to me. It's a powerful image, regardless of who painted it.

Daniel Gerhartz

Daniel F. Gerhartz, 1965 ~ Ladies with flowers

♥ All my sisters in Christ, they are AMAZING. Cherish all my sisters in Christ in my ladies bible study group, they give me hope, peace, love and joy.

Arantzazu Martinez  Dracula  Oil on linen  -2011  96.52 x 160.02 cm  (3' 2" x 5' 3")

“ Arantzazu Martinez Dracula x 162 x 97 cm. Oil on linen. John Butler private collection An academic painter from Vitoria, Spain. She attended the Fine Arts University of.

Great for 2nd Grade Common Core!!

One of my favorite things to teach in second grade truly has been fractured fairy tales. My students love comparing/contrasting the traditio.