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Ummmm.... I have two arms?

It seems like a easy question right? But when someone actually asks you your minds goes blank happens to me all the time!<<<😑😐😑😐 ya, I got no clue.

Thank you! Why should I have to like the color pink because I'm a girl?

A Study in Pink: Gender, Color, and Nazis. Thought that was pretty interesting. I never knew.

Story of my life

My mum said my name the other day and when I looked at her she told me to stop sassing her. I just have resting glare face

Daily Humor - Enjoy The Laughs

More like "Oh a weekend trip! Lets pack for a month. You know 'just in case'"

Always especially when the person thinks they r whispering loud enough but there not

Oh yeah, I feel horrid when I do that because sometimes the person just stares at me waiting for me to respond in some other way