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Adorable hetalia comic America and Italy<<I don't ship it but I feel as if these two would be great friends and they'd totally do this. And Germany and England are watching closely because they don't want those two to become TOO close XD<<<bromance

So cute!!

Holy rome and italy! So cute! ♡<<<< doitsu is holy rome aabyabauakhzu! I loved gerita even more!

WW2 F,A,C,E family. No, these aren't tears. I don't know what you're talking abou-...fine. They're tears. On another note, Mattie looks rather attractive in this comic strip..

America, Canada, Britain, and France on D-Day.<< this is fucking cute ok. I don't ship FrUk but I love this comic XD

French cuisine is over RIP Francis<< Matthieu! I mean Mac n' cheese is awesome, love, but you need necessities! WHERE IS YOUR MAPLE SYRUP.

Francis drops in at Matthew's place for dinner, and what are they having? This is not as far-fetched as you might think: it IS a Canadian stereotype to eat mac and cheese (particularly Kraft Dinner) all the time.

Artie used to always dress up as a wizard and it would always scare what's his face and I. He never learned...

Hetalia Hetaween Halloween the Italy brother costumes suit them so well And there is when Belarus obsession toward her brother star Germany was like why can't my brother be someone else who is more serious

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I extremely hate posts that say "You're only a true fan if you." And "Only true fans. It's annoying and ignorant.

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Hima please make this into an episode<<< and Russia must say his line…

Hima please make this into an episode<<< and Russia must say his line… <-- Yep definitely a Hetalia episode

Face family>>>> I throuroughly believe this picture is the one that most accurately describes the face family out of the whole internet

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