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Cool Careers for Girls with Animals by Ceel Pasternak, Linda Thornburg

Brooks provides effective strategies to help readers mine their academic and life experiences for new insights into landing jobs with the best employers, and finding alternatives when the situation calls for a Plan B. You Majored in What? offers a practical and proven approach to reframing experiences, discovering overlooked opportunities, and finding a true calling, regardless of your undergraduate major or the state of the job market.

When little Nona is sent from her sunny home in India to live with her relatives in chilly England, she is miserable. Then a box arrives for her in the post and inside, wrapped up in tissue paper, are two little Japanese dolls. A slip of paper says their names are Miss Happiness and Miss Flower. Nona thinks that they must feel lonely too, so far away from home. Then Nona has an idea - she will build her dolls the perfect house!

Shelter Pet Squad is a new easy-to-read series (Level M/N) by Cynthia Lord that is perfect for 2nd and 3rd grade readers. We can’t wait to read this text aloud before an opinion unit of study. These characters volunteer at an animal shelter and are determined to find a guinea pig named Jelly Bean a new home. In order to solve this problem, Suzannah and her friends write persuasive letters to teachers to find Jelly Bean a home in a classroom.