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Nabil merza

Conceptual artist and Surreal Digital illustrator Gediminas Pranckevicius . Most of his digital painting design, has larger landscapes and rich in detail.

The Art Of Animation, Gediminas Pranckevicius  http://gedomenas.com/

Gediminas via The Art of Animation.was scrolling through anime city scenes and stumbled upon this owl city album art for the midsummer station.

A flying junk heap, but a very cool junk heap at that. Illustration by Ian McQue, http://cghub.com/images/view/70234/

Still looking for inspiration this friday? Perhaps you should have a look at our second inspiration pick,Ian McQue, an artist currently working for Rocksta

Sketch for Falkenstein Castle by Christian Jank, "Falkenstein was the last project of King Ludwig of Bavaria - the ruins of a medieval castle, west of Neuschwanstein and perched a thousand feet higher on an even more spectacular mountain crag.