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I absolutely lost it at Olaf’s face XD #OddSquadPBS

And now we know what Olaf's favorite dog is! @teefury

and then i didnt tell anyone.. my friend, my wondwerfiull friend figured it out and made no attampt to hide it. so she was like UUUU LLLLEEERRRVV HIIIMMMMM and i was all like, HES FICTIONAL SHATUHHHAAAPPP And den she b like.............m'hrm...

Olaf can count to potato! (Made this myself)

Wall of Agents . Agents . Odd Squad | PBS KIDS Agent Olaf loves potatoes. His catchphrases are "Yay!!" and "Boo!". His partner is Agent Oren. He has a rivalry with Agents Olive and Otto.


Best friends for life ^_^ #OddSquadPBS

This explains Oscar. This just explains him. (i.e. "I joined because no one should be able to do this...") XD XD XD

Odd Squad birthday party #youredoingitright #OddSquadPBS

Shua on

PHOTOBOMB | Doctor Who Season 10 please? @BBCDoctorWho @OddSquadPBS #DoctorWho

sarahgpetersen: Cedric had to be Oscar from PBS Kids’ Odd Squad for Halloween this year. He loves science! #halloween #oddsquadpbs #pbskids #oddsquad #hisfavoriteshow