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Chris Brown accused Rihanna of F*CKING other guys. – And Chris was PRESSURING Rihanna into having a more serious relationship – Chris Brown eventually DUMPED Rihanna because of it. – And Chris Brown treated Rihanna shabbily and cruelly throughout their relationship, but Rihanna holds NO ILL WILL towards him.

Chris Brown and Rihanna certainly need time together with a shrink; they really need to get their heads checked

he silent Chris Brown has come out to talk about the ugly incident that occurred between he and Rihanna as well as other issues

I’m definitely not feeling the Chris Brown personality anymore; Yes we know he’s trying to work on his image

Sometimes I wonder what Chris Brown gives these chics that makes them so hooked on him.. I really do wanna know..

Rihanna’s attitude towards her fans is beginning to let her ratings slip. The habit of attending her concerts hours late was not tolerated last night as angry fans in the audience threw food at Rihanna as she mounted the stage in Manchester.

RnB/Pop singer Rihanna is going down the hill on her moral codes! I mean whatever happened to decorum,decency,Role Model,Morality, to mention but a few. I guess those values are either lost to her or they don’t just mean a thing anymore.

I love everything about Pink. Her talent, her style, her refusal to sell out when she was first starting out & remaining herself. Oh and I'd love to look like her

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