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More work by Kuala Lumpur-based illustrator Zeen Chin (previously featured…

Illustrator Spotlight: Zeen Chin

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Children from the Wasteland by Sergi Brosa, Sergi is exactly the style of artist i want to become, i love the use of colours, the creativity he has used and taking in designs and styles of the world around him.

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The Art Of Animation, Zeen JingHui  - ...

Discover the Art of Zeen Chin working as a freelance illustrator and concept artist for Applibot and Kingdom Death. Most recently, he's worked on Legend Of

- 微相册 — No. I want to be able to draw this well. This is so good it's just painful to watch ;

The Art Of Animation, Demizu Posuka

I cant tell if this is an underwater city or this is just drawn from an certain perspectiv. She looks like she is flying.