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Stuffed toy Corgis - I want them all.

Baby Otis

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Real Emergency Puppy on

Corgis love laying on their back. I wake up to mine sleeping like this all the time!

A corgi gallery of unrelenting cuteness

i am totally hardcorg.

Corgi bed

Hailey loves her new bed from Santa. It is the perfect place to stay warm during the below zero temps.

Telling jokes at the park. "Why are dogs like phones? Because they have collar IDs." Hahaha!

Telling jokes at the park. "Why are Corgis like phones?

On our wedding day. #corgi

On our wedding day.

First in a series: Corgis in cars.

yes, I see you too...

Ur a wizard corgi

Happy 4th of July, U.S.A.! - The Daily Corgi

Are we too late for the Par-Tee?

Happy Puppies ~ Pet Perspective

The Best Things in Life Are Three: Pembroke Welsh Corgis ready to roll ©Wendt Worth Corgis

Be Humble With Animals | Something Wagging This Way Comes

The Daily Corgi: Wilson and Jimmy.

The Daily Corgi: Momo Monday: Vintage Daily #Corgi Goodness!

The Daily Corgi: Momo Monday: Vintage Daily Goodness!

Tatler ~ Diamond Jubilee

Tatler's Diamond Jubilee cover-corgi Cherish is incredibly patriotic and a huge fan of Paul Smith



6 week old puppies. Melting. Submitted by Dean

71 reasons to save the corgis