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hillary clinton is albus dumbledore (ridiculously qualified, smart as hell, powerful, kind of shady, probably would say “the ends justify the means”, maybe a little morally grey but overall the best and most respected person for the job) donald trump is gilderoy lockhart (dumb as shit, inflates his accomplishments, has an ego the size of russia, somehow people like him anyway???, is taken seriously by absolutely 0 actually qualified people, no one can figure out why the hell he’s even here)

JOIN US January 1st through January 5th for Predictions Week: FIVE life-empowering, perspective-shifting shows to truly make you dive into 2013 with fresh outlooks & insights. Each night, a different astrologer, channeler, psychic or intuitive will deliver insightful overviews & predictions of what they see coming for this phenomenal year of transformation. AND we will open the lines for YOU to receive your own personal reading. THIS MIGHT BE YOU! And, it's absolutely FREE. #astrology…

8 Habits Of Happy Job Seekers. Don't worry, be happy! Yes, it's possible to be happy AND to be looking for a job. Life is too short. Here are seven habits of happy job seekers.

This best-selling author and Bible teacher who has opened the riches of Scripture to millions longs for you to be free as well—to know the Love and Presence that are better than life and the power of God’s Word that defies all darkness.

4 Common Interview Questions (and 4 Perfect Answers). Pinning this in case I need it later on.

Is Planning Your Bugaboo? 5 Steps to Keep Your Startup on Track As part-owners of two coworking spaces in Richmond we entertain frequent requests for advice. In this context the owner of one of these new businesses asked us how best to prioritize his work-related activities. He was feeling a bit overwhelmed and needed some help. We suggested the following five steps. 1. Write down your priorities. It may sound trite but if you are going to prioritize successfully you absolutely must…