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The Legend of Aang

Waterbending techniques from Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "The Waterbending Scroll"

Lightning bending

It is the Lightning Bending Scroll. This is based on the Waterbending Scroll seen in the TV.


Yes our common hatred for the movie has united us and it has only made us stronger! >:D also no offense, but I dont ship Zutara

this is so punny I'm going to die

Very punny (it's worth clicking to see this larger) Legends of Korra and Avatar puns

Earth bending scroll

This is an Earthbending scroll I did. I based it on the Waterbending scroll seen in the TV show, "Avatar the Last Airbender.

ATLA: sokka's speech by numbah3.deviantart.com

One of my favorite Sokka moments right here. Haru is contemplating how awesome he looks!