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John Ciancaglini

John Ciancaglini

The history of the music video

The History of the Music Video #infographic

(GIF.) Sherlock's little "no" face. Definitely one of my new favorite gifs of him!

Sherlock's "no" face. (gif) or Sherlock being adorably aggravating.

Homegrown Learners - Home - Music Study for Halloween - In The Hall of the Mountain King

Music Study for Halloween - In The Hall of the Mountain King

1890 photograph of composer and pianist Edvard Grieg featured on a Gutmann & Gutmann postcard - with a quotation from his song "I love you". He was born on June 1843 in Bergen, Norway and died there on Sept

▶️ Rhythm Lesson - YouTube This is actually a pretty cool way of presenting rhythm and visualizing notes and note names.

Rhythm song -- echo song with hand motions teaches whole, half, quarter and eighth note values and shapes.

Just watched the series all the way through second time (or maybe third) there is A LOT of hidden funny in there! Oh, Sherlock...

Why's it got two fronts?" - "It's a deerstalker." - "How do you stalk deer with a hat? Is it some sort of death frisbee? It's an ear hat, John!

Lady Create-a-lot: A GOLDMINE of FREE Online Music Education games, videos, and printables

Music Apps for the classroom; most of these are centered around teaching piano, but could be adapted to fit a general music classroom. Great for ipad lab.