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Following the release of a Greenpeace pesticides report that named six well-known supermarkets that sell fresh fruits and vegetables, activists took their message directly to a RT-Mart in Taipei. Greenpeace is calling on companies like RT-Mart to deal with the issue of controlling pesticide use directly at the source, and ensure food safety for the benefit of consumers. © Greenpeace / Up Against the Wall

Protect our water source! Stop global warming!

In 2007 three Greenpeace expeditions to Mt. Everest and other regions on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau showed a dramatic level of glacier retreat due to global warming. To prevent the worst water shortage crisis, Greenpeace urges the governments of China and other countries to take immediate measures to reduce carbon emissions. © Greenpeace

How many products can you find in your house that have GMO ingredients? Contact the food producer and expose them here!

The week in pictures: 27 November 2009

Visitors take a close look at an artwork by German artist Arne Felix Magold during an exhibition in Hamburg. The work is made up of 612 slices of toasted bread

Working for Shell didn’t stop me having morals or accepting climate change

Great Barrier Reef at Risk. Urgent: The reef is under threat from the reckless expansion of the coal industry. Take Action and #SaveTheReef