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peintures orientalistes on Pinterest | 460 Pins www.pinterest.com236 × 428Buscar por imagen Oriental Paintings by Hungarian Artist Gyula Tornai (1861 - 1928) The shisha smoker, bquockhanh - Middle-East Beauties in Portraits (Cont.) - Buscar con Google

Olaudah Equiano, a former slave turned abolishenist of the 18th Century, whose autobiography and association with William Wilberforce were both turning points in the UK's anti-slavery movement. Description from I searched for this on

1800s Week! gemilemon submitted to medievalpoc ‘The Black Boy’, by William Windus, c.1844 Oil on canvas 76.1 x 63.5cm In the Walker Art Gallery, National Museums Liverpool, United Kingdom “ The boy in this portrait is said to have crossed the...

Titus Andronicus, Act IV, Sc. ii, Aaron the Moor, Demetrius, Nurse and Child by Thomas Kirk