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It's not funny it's cute 😉 Its ok Luke. I cant wink either! A lot of blonde people I hangout with cant wink. we feel your pain.

Luke is me. I am Luke. (Plays We Are One in the background)

I do that all the time<<<<I guarantee you I am that friend.<<<<< yes that is so me

Luke is such a mommas boy^^^ omg this is Luke hemmings in a nutshell

The definition of luke >>> cause Liz Hemmings is the best mum ever

For just 3 pennies a day, your can help this boy buy a new shirt

Everyone is excited about the fucking bobby pin, nobody's paying attention to his freaking face!

He looks like a model<<<with an adorabley lukey face

Mom: This boy is distracting you from school! Me: No. School is distracting me from Calum.

calum is the reason why i dont have good grades, why i dont have a boyfriend and why i dont go outside, so there you have it folks.