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The 7 P's of Effective & Responsive Social Media Marketing for small business owners. #SocialMedia #SocialMediaMarketing

7 P's Of Social Media Marketing That Drive Results

7 Ps of Social Media Success - How to Go from Social Media Zero to Hero - KeySplash Creative Social Media Brand Infographic

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How to build a high converting marketing funnel infographic

Conversion Funnel: How-To Automatically Convert Customers

Blogging Tips | How to Blog | Great Tutorial on Embedding a Pinterest board on your Blog.

How to Embed a Pinterest Board on Your WordPress Blog

How to use Pinterest for Business. Pinterest for business marketing can be highly effective as Pinterest is one of the fastest growing Social Media sites that consumers spend high amounts of time on. Studies are showing that consumers who engage on Pinterest with your small business are more likely to do business with you and spend more money with your business.

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10 Tips for Your Business #Facebook Page

10 Business Tips Infographic, although I wholeheartedly disagree with If you're going to make a post on any social network, stick around and be present. The longer a person has to wait for a response from a brand, their loyalty dwindles. Be present!