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peter pettigrew

Albus Potter was socially awkward. The only people he could be completely himself around were his dad, Rose, Scorpius and Alice Longbottom.

hey maura my non-existent relationship got monica & chandler! things are really lookin up for me!

The Cutest, Fluffiest Disney Characters | Oh My Disney | Awww

The Cutest, Fluffiest Disney Characters

Do you even know what “evil” means?You’re about as evil as a tiny kitten sneezing because it just smelled its first flower.---- How Evil Are You?

Are you even human? You got EVERYTHING RIGHT!  This score is really hard to get, and you totally did it! We are so impressed!  Your perception of colors is 100% on point...so much so that we might have to check that you are not a robot or something! Ha ha! Who;d have thought?

How Accurate Is Your Perception Of Color?

I got: Grey, my actual eye color! What Eye Color Should You Really Have? As they say, life is not just black and white but just different shades of grey. Similarly, people with grey eyes and born to be dominant and leaders. Strong in nature, wise and gentle are some of the most important attributes that they possess. One must know that they are very gentle. In fact, people with grey eyes are the least aggressive people of all. They put all their passion in whatever they do, be it profession…

What Eye Color Should You Really Have?

They say that the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. Our eye color represents more than beauty; Maybe your eye color already matches your personality.