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Redwood National Park is located on the Northern California Coast. These trees are among the tallest on Earth.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, California | Follow Honeymoons to North America http://www.pinterest.com/FLDesignerGuide/honeymoons-to-north-america/

The trees of the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, in the White Mountains near Bishop, California, are the oldest living recorded organisms on Earth. Many of the trees are over years old, with the “Methuselah” tree dated at more than years old.

Snow in turquoise pond, Hokkaido, Japan   ~     "My dream is the dream of a pond ~ Not just to mirror the sky ~ But to let the willows and ferns ~ Suck me dry. ~ I'll climb from the roots to the veins, And when leaves wither and fade ~ I will refuse to mourn ~ Because I was dying to live."        Shu Ting       ~   @Elsa Davern

✯ Blue Pond & First Snow, by Kent Shiraishi, captured a famous tourist resort in Japan for the nature category's honorable mention as the hot spring ripples below white-frosted trees

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Wallow Lake, Oregon

Mount Rainier reflected in Tipsoo Lake at sunset, Washington (by Alan Howe)My beautiful home state, could see Mt Rainer from our windows. Lived in valley bellow the mtn for many years. Washington is the most beautiful state in America.

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