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Tiny Kitten sitting with HUGE dog: Come and get me, I dare ya. I double dare ya. - Give your friends a smile: share this!

Container gardening

A friend of mine knows how much I love my yellow lab Molly. so she sent me this picture of a yellow lab sleeping in a flower planter.

lol shut up

Told you not to use bleach - Funny joke with a tiger talking to white tiger: "I told you not to use bleach. - Shut up.

Happy boxer puppy on a trampoline, I so want to jump with him! This made my day. MUST WATCH. SO CUTE!!!!!

Happy boxer puppy on a trampoline

Funny pictures about Happy boxer puppy on a trampoline. Oh, and cool pics about Happy boxer puppy on a trampoline. Also, Happy boxer puppy on a trampoline photos.

Grumpy Cat...of dogs? Believe it or not, he IS actually smiling :)

Mastiff 137 Greeting Cards (Pk of 10)

Sometimes it is hard to tell if your AKC breed dog is happy. This IS my happy face dog design features the Mastiff. Any dog lover loves it on a t-shirt, sticker, button, ornament, hooded sweatshirt.

Giant Dog - English Mastiff. AMAZING temperament especially with kids! Kinda hoping Goose don't get this big...

The breed is commonly referred to as the “Mastiff”. Also known as the English Mastiff this giant dog breed gets known for its splendid, good nature.

ahyesbutyouseeno:  godotal:  Catosaurus.  pet groomer: so what do you want cat: just fuck me up

" My revenge will be swift and vengeful to your friend hooman " Bad hair day & creepy. The question i have is, they had to drug this cat to do this? No way you could do this and the cat not get upset. Plus who has this kind of time?

Crow will shank you!

Canada's Most Notorious Crow Steals Police Evidence - Neatorama : funny quotes, funny animals, funny pictures, funny texts