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Chainmail beaded bracelete

Chainmail beaded bracelete Cute handmade chainmail and beaded bracelet Blue and green beads Silver chainmail 7 inches Can make longer if needed Jewelry Bracelets

Leather and yaks bone bracelet

Leather and yaks bone bracelet Handmade brown leather and yaks bone btacelet. With bronze tree pendant and leaf clasp. Super cure and adorable. Can make to size. Jewelry Bracelets

Christmas chainmail bracelet

Christmas chainmail bracelet Cute handmade chainmail bracelet 7 1/2 inches Green and red chainmail Dark pink beads Jewelry Bracelets

Beaded chainmail bracelet

Beaded chainmail bracelet Cute handmade beaded and chainmail bracelet 7 inches Can make bigger Black and silver chainmail Purple beads Jewelry Bracelets

Gold toned bracelet with diamond like gems

Gold toned bracelet with diamond like gems Gold toned. Opens up with hinged clasp. Top of bracelet has 6 diamond like gems. Not diamonds but not sure what they are exactly Jewelry Bracelets

Black chainmail beaded bracelet

Black chainmail beaded bracelet Handmade chainmail bracelet 7inches Cam be made bigger if needed Black chainmail orange beads Jewelry Bracelets

Christmas tree chainmail bracelet

Christmas tree chainmail bracelet Cute handmade christmas tree chainmail bracelet 7 1/2 inches Bar and ring clasp which makes it a little easier to put on yourself Green and red chainmail for the tree Silver for the rest of the bracelet Jewelry Bracelets

Tiffany "X" Earrings and Heart Pendant Bundle

Tiffany "X" Earrings Authentic and fully hallmarked as always. Sterling silver. These are rare and no longer sold by T&Co. Perfect size studs to wear everyday.❤️ Tiffany & Co. Jewelry Earrings