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The Skye Theatre with a ghostly scrim that appears to hang over the audience space. - love the idea that the stage and audience intertwine. That line is just as amorphous

la-dame-de-la-nuit: Pierpaolo Ferrara & Maurizio... (MAGALI 108)

photography drawing Illustration art Black and White white face painting vintage sixties black mirror portrait Equality woman eyelashes contrast seventies body paint anti racism white face face painting black face Against Racism

feel: "we found each other in the dark" by city and colour. although the lyrics and music don't match up exactly, the title encapsulates their slow realization of one another

As You Like It - William Shakespeare Photo: Chris Harris Willamette University Theatre - October 1987 Director: Nick Leland Scene Designer: Chris Harris Costume Designer: Nikki Merrill Actors: Nicole Dell, Jerry .

Credit: PR An Inspector Calls, 1992This was the design that remade a play. For Stephen Daldry’s 1992 production, i...

An Inspector Calls, 1992 This was the design that remade a play. For Stephen Daldry’s 1992 production, influenced by expressionism and film.

steven berkoff physical theatre - Szukaj w Google

The non-naturalistic, symbolic boxes with hard lines create an atmosphere of containment. The eye is immediately drawn to the actors' upper half of body. The large proportion of the boxes make their contents (actors) appear smaller.

The Marriage of Figaro. Opera North. Scenic design by Robin Don. 1998

The Marriage of Figaro. Scenic design by Robin Don. 1998 Great model and a beautiful (steampunk-ish) minimalist design.

To me this says The Vagina Monologues: http://theredlist.fr/media/database/settings/performing-art/topics/doors-and-windows/023-set-design-doors-windows-theredlist.jpg

crosses all over the place and yet there is a dead man buried under it all.