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If you do not repin a photo set of Louis Tomlinson sitting in a grapefruit chair holding a grapefruit, you are hereby banished from this fandom

a photo set of Louis Tomlinson sitting in a grapefruit chair holding a grapefruit<<< am I the only one that just realized the chair is a grapefruit?

Always repinning this

Funny pictures about Swag level: Scott Disick. Oh, and cool pics about Swag level: Scott Disick. Also, Swag level: Scott Disick.

Whut? Omw....:O

Louis looks just like him>>>wait. How did we get a picture of Lou's grandpa?>>>>>That's creepy guys

You and me have that in common, Niall :)

We have so much in common Niall I eat ALL THE TIME speaking of which I kinda want food.<< Food would be nice something like pizza or ice cream.

Omg! I couldn't stop laughing watching this video. This Louis moment about having no milk for his tea, Harry's HUGE fail while singing Drag Me Down, and Liam's reaction to it - Plugging his ear. If you haven't watched it, WATCH IT! I promise, you will NOT regret it!

i was laughing so hardddddd when I saw this part of the video. I honestly starting choking on my spit.

One direction || great burns Louis! XD

Louis Tomlinson: from One Direction, dresses like he owns a boat, lost his dear friend Kevin to a flock of pigeons, likes girls who eat carrots, the Sass Master from Doncaster