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No, I think the actor is actually named Bubblewrap Crumplecakes<<<Bubblywrap Sweatiecakes <--oh come on. It's Breadwisher Crabbymuffins

Funny pictures about That Funny Looking Guy Every Girl Likes. Oh, and cool pics about That Funny Looking Guy Every Girl Likes. Also, That Funny Looking Guy Every Girl Likes photos.

# I cannot

I think I just died from Loki feels.:'{ <-- I have died about a billion times from Loki feels

Run, Sherlock, run!!!

Empty Hearse in a nutshell. Courtesy of hiatus. Sponsored by Steven Moffat. If you're crying, he did it properly.<< lol this post is hilarious

lessons from Sherlock Holmes on gun safety

Gun safety lessons from Sherlock. He may be brilliant when it comes to solving a murder, but when he has a gun.

Sherlock. His last vow. I don't think it was for his brother. If anything, he wants to go against his brother, although yes, Mycroft is an odd name also. But Sherlock is different and his own person. He could never be a William or Scott because that's not who he is and what he represents. Also, makes me wonder where the name came from and who originally named him that.

Or, you know, William is a pirate's name and he always wanted to be a pirate until Mycroft told him it was childish so Sherlock used his middle name instead so he could forget about ever being a pirate