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City Marshal's Office, Tombstone, Arizona - 1904 - Keeping The Peace: Tales From The Old West

I want no harm just peace let me have my muslim Prince Charming

A chaotic life is not for me! I have changed a LOT in the past year and those who just can't keep up, well, they just can't keep up! Happiness is a choice, peace of mind comes when you make better choices!

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Joining the Peace Corps

Peace Corps: 10 things to keep in mind while applying This makes me want to go so much more.

Thoughts are with Carrie Fisher and her family.<<<rest in peace princess

Ink Love & Peace Shailoh. I love Stitch Fix! A personalized styling service and it's amazing!! Simply fill out a style profile with sizing and preferences. Then your very own stylist selects 5 pieces to send to you to try out at home. Keep what you love and return what you don't. Only a $20 fee which is also applied to anything you keep. Plus, if you keep all 5 pieces you get 25% off! Free shipping both ways. Schedule your first fix using the link below! #stitchfix @stitchfix. Stitchfix Fall…

God, why? This is a sad day for all Star-Wars-Fans. Now, the force will keep her in peace...

Yeap! Thats it honey! You do the part to keep the peace between the lines division alright!

Giving in to a controlling person might feel like "keeping the peace" for the moment, but it's actually starting a very toxic pattern. Each time the controlling person gets what they want you to do, that gives them a little more power over you for the next thing they'll want from you. Trust me, this pattern will continue over and over again. You will eventually be worn down and under their control.