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Cute Boy Things

I thought I was the only one who had a guy friend do this! I actually find it friggin hilarious when he does his girl voice

Why can't I find someone like this?

This boyfriend is amazing. My boy used to do this for me, not word for word but said it was his job to listen when i needed someone to listen. Love him

louis from 1D gave his shoes to his girlfriend Eleanor bc her feet hurt from her heals. So cute (:

my hubby always tells me don't wear the most uncomfortable shoes . what is scary is the guys shoes fit her. I wouldn't fit in my hubbys anyways


Trent is sooo hot! I have such a huge crush on him!But what if he says no? He doesn& even like me like thatOh I& sure he& say yes.How do you know?Maria, look who you are texting. Friday at 8 okay?