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French 1890 Bisque head doll with glass eyes wearing laundress costume, assortment of lingerie (washed and ironed) Flat irons, Wooden scrub bowls and buckets, sponges, soap and sleeve ironing board.✷

"Blanchisserie de Ma Poupee" (My Doll's Laundry Room) Wooden tubs & supports, Ironing Board, Irons, Trivets & Scrubbing tools - Theriault's Antique Doll Auctions, Sold $1,100.00

For the French market, ca 1890. doll 3.5" in a 9" egg-shaped basket with interior of blue silk and lace edging, containing an all-bisque doll, wearing lace Christening gown & bonnet, along with an assortment of original accessories including rattles, pacifier, puff, brush etc.

Three Antique Parasols with Ra...6" (15 cm.) -9". Each with fancy handle, two with carved bone handles (one with blue ball tip), and the third with wooden handle having a carved bone dog head grip, each with original silk cover and two with silk fringe or tassels. French, circa 1870.