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steampunk erotica | Werewolf and a Bosmer Walk Into an Apothecary

A Werewolf and a Bosmer Walk Into an Apothecary

Astronomancer - any mage that conjures magic through the alignment of the stars and or planets.

m Wizard Sage library magic books An ancient (Father Christmas) in possession of mystical secrets and medieval mysteries. (no wonder he can manage to be everywhere at once!

The Eddic poem Grímnismál mentions Odin’s thoughts on Hugin and Munin:  Hugin and Munin Fly every day Over all the world; I worry for Hugin That he might not return, But I worry for Munin more.  The names Hugin and Munin are commonly translated as “thought” and “memory” respectively.  ARTIST>>>>????

Two ravens rested on the shoulders of the Norse god Odin: Huginn and Muninn, Thought and Memory. The ravens circled the sky, often during .

White Jacket Mage

m Wizard magic book cloak casting lwlvl Artist: Park Jinwan aka - 140203 S by on DeviantArt…

From the ashes...

Here is the Phoenix! Kiriban for the th pageview for , it's her character, Su, who is summoning the mythical bird of fi. The Phoenix