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March Hare..."oh dear, I've lost the Hatter again!"

Black-tailed Jackrabbit, also known as American Desert Hare. It is a common hare of the western United States and Mexico.

Bunnies are flower lovers too.

Rabbit with flowers Diamond Mosaic picture Cross Stitch Diamond Embroidery fashion Diamond painting house deoration

This is Kiowa, a mountain lion (felis concolor) that came to the Wildlife Waystation (www.wildlifewaystation.org) - via Dave Welling's photo on Google+

Cougar/Mountain Lion - Dave welling 656329038 portrait of an adult captive mountain lion felis concolor native to the americas


Like my moustache? What's up doc ? by Olivier Colle on "My youngest daughter called for this Rabbit. He responded with a great looking funny pose and a mouth full of grass :) "

I love hares, ancient, strong creatures, they play a big part in myths, legends and magic.

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Hare or giant bunny with big sharp pointy teeth! He'll bite your head off! Bring forth the holy hand grenade!


The Kudu, the beautiful spiralled horns are found only in males. by Michael Rehbein on