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Especially if the series end badly!

Especially if the series end badly!

I needed this when I first finished Mockingjay. 4am, all alone was not a good idea... Wish I'd had a note to warn me. Lol

Some books need this warning. Most books need this warning. ALL books need this warning.

One of my favorite pins so far.

Stop the feelings, it hurts so bad! <<< I kind of ship them <<< Kind of? I ship Clato so much it hurts!

Old but.... Peeta's wound. ;P

Peeta's leg wound in movie vs book. the books are always 100 times better, plus in the book they amputated his leg, but in the movie they ignored that VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL !

Peeta-Boo! Hunger Games Humor

I didn't even laugh I'm sorry Peeta was like dying in the arena therefore this meme is not OK 😐😨😰😵😒😒

This is  probably why Jennifer Lawrence was chosen.

"I act delighted, but I have zero interest in these Capitol people. They are only distractions from the food." - Katniss Everdeen, 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'