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The key to running a successful agency is separating leadership from management | MAA

You probably think those color mood board are pretty and fun to look at, but as a graphic designer that does brand design they serve a much more important purpose to us. I'm going to share with you why you need one and how to create a mood board with Illustrator.

Night flight Font family introduction! The modern, elegant 'Night flight' font family is a marker font that offers you numerous combinations to make a design. This wonderful marker font family has a feature that is not available on the market! This is so new! With this feature your words will have a new look. When making typographical arrangements, you can write 5 letters and 9 letter words in the same size. 2.&

Just photograph a tree this winter, blow it up. Take it to a copy place and have them to put it onto thin paper and using spray glue, paste it onto a cardboard letter from Hobby Lobby. Neat idea.

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