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Bloody Mary stock photo

have a table for drinks separate from main tables with cocktails ready made for people to get during the cakes. But have champagne on the tables

Gelatin with water, thinly slice radishes.   Thank you for the idea.  It's now on my list!

Cooking with Wylie Dufresne at Harvard (sheet of radish: gelatin, water, thinly sliced radish)

Molecular Gastronomy Infographic on Behance

Molecular Gastronomy is the practice of combining experimental chemistry with the culinary arts to alter the properties of liquid and solid food. This information graphic contains explanations and applications of various methods of preparing food by unus…

With just a few simple ingredients, you can make your salads look fancy AF.

Balsamic Vinegar Pearls

Make your salads extra fancy with these molecular gastronomy balsamic balls! See science in action!

White Chocolate and Coconut Panna Cotta with Hibiscus Syrup Pearls. Hibiscus pearls made using Reverse Spherification, but can be served without spherification as well. Sweet, creamy perfectly "jiggly" panna cotta with delicious sweet, citrusy hibiscus with hints of raspberry!

White Chocolate and Coconut Panna cotta with Hibiscus Syrup Pearls

Adara Smokey Forest

Smokey Forest: lavender smoke, porcini soil, arugula sphere

This is an easy, fun way to play with your food! If you have picky kids, you could do some juicing of fruits and veggies and then create these "caviar" jellies out of it. This is a great molecular gastronomy project!

Juicy Spheres Snack - Easy Kitchen Science

Possibly for a "science based" teen tech food idea? Maybe we could also get some liquid nitrogen and make ice cream.

I want to try these with the pears from the pear tree

Campfire Cones {recipe}

Apple Roses I want to try these with the pears from the pear tree/ Brunch Bridal Shower food ideas