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I went to my friends house bc they just moved and we brought them dinner and I saw a pigeon on the roof of her neighbors house and screamed KEVIN!!!! My dad almost crashed haha exaggerated but it was still funny

Kevin | The Foxhole Court | The Raven King | The King's Men | [All for the Game]

Now every time I see a pigeon it automatically turns into Kevin. It's like "Oh look! There's Kevin!" And other people are like "who the hell is Kevin?" And I'm like "you don't know who Kevin is? I mean, duh!" Hahaha.

KEVIN?! KEVIN! one time i was at the beach with jenna and a bird flew by us and i was like "OH MY GOD JENNA IT'S KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!" and she was like "no megan, it's just a bird" so i was like "STUPID BIRD! GO BACK TO WHERE U CAME FROM! gosh! making me think that u were kevin....JERK! got my hopes up for completely nothing!" TRUE STORY! U KNOW U LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

Kevin The Pigeon

Kevin? KEVIN! Omg our class was talking about something (idk) but she brought up the movie "UP" and she said something and then she said "Kevin the bird" and I was like.....IM LISTENING!!!!!!!

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The Office*I watched this episode pretty late at night about a week ago. I almost peed myself at this part.*