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Keii | 19 | fujoshi "She loved mysteries so much that she became one."

When they first met him, Ryder was young and scared, with huge eyes, terrified, defensive posture, and a bloody back. Now, three years later, he still had those same eyes, but they were slightly less scared, and slightly more human. His face had hardened from war; nothing should ever happen to make a fifteen year old look like that. But he looked so old, so grown up, which made Aiden wonder just how much he'd grown, too.

In the first three dialogue, Suzume-chan said "Now, the one who I truly want to treasure is someone else." Chapter 78 - Hirunaka no Ryuusei

Not just Inukai, but Mamura got a girlfriend as well. Sarumaru is going in a spree mode. And their friend Kame-chan also meets a partner…? The cover is a Suzume Shishio Mamura three shot!? Will appear in the June issue of The Margaret, released April 24th!