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Ever worry about the teen years? Read about the experiences these two young women had at the LeaderU Summit. It will give you faith in the future. @talkearly

A member of Girl Talk's Board of Directors weighs in on the LeaderU experience. underage drinking, woman leadership, women leadership

What a difference a few years makes when talking to your kids about alcohol. #TalkEarly @Meagan Francis

#TalkEarly: Rise Above the Teen and Tween Grumpiness

Talking to your kids about alcohol isn't exactly easy, but then parenting rarely is. Even if the teen years seem far away, they are coming and you need to lay the groundwork now. Start early, start small, but start talking. We'll help you do it. @#TalkEarly

This teen overcame the normal urge not to get involved in other people's problems, saved a life. | So That Happened | Someecards

Confessions of a Corn Fed Girl: Drawrings with the Things

#TalkEarly About Alcohol: Morsels, Breadcrumbs, and Spirals

Talking to your kids about alcohol isn't a one and done sort of deal. You have to lay a trail of breadcrumbs and spiral around the topic often. We tell you how. #TalkEarly

Remember: your kids can see your social media posts

Remember: your kids can see your social media posts. Haley Kilpatrick shares that girls feel frustrated when they see inconsistencies between what their moms say and then do on social media. | #refreshyourfunny

GoldieBlox Dolls: Just a Different Awful Stereotype for Girls

Sure we want our girls to be smart and successful, but do they have to be like boys to do it? GoldieBlox dolls might be trading one stereotype for another.

Talking to kids about alcohol: It’s hard, but worth it. If you aren't giving your kids the proper information for them to live by, who is?