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~Bullying Leads~ ~ Questioning why me?!?! ~ Pain/ Hurt ~ Depression~ Low Self Esteem ~ Feelings Of Being So Lonely ~ Feeling Lost ~ Doubting Everything You Ever Thought About Yourself ~ No Hope ~ Broken ~ Self Harm ~ Feeling No Self Worth ~ No Since Of Direction ~ Now You Hate Yourself ~ Suicide ~

my aunt and brother went out and found out that a long lost friend had committed suicide they said it was the saddest sight, his brother had found him hanging from a tree<<I'm sorry your brother and aunt had to see that

I was so upset and disgusted by who was staying back at me in the mirror today, I shattered it into so many pieces with a hammer /. and yes, I struggle with self harm and bulimia

I wish that school taught kids about depression anxiety self harm and eating disorders and not just bullying because sometimes it's ourselves that make us feel like shit and most people don't get it

This just breaks my heart how could people just bully other people? What if it were them? It wouldn't be fun being bullied everyday! Gosh some people don't have hearts

(Open rp) "Ignore me! I don't care. I'm used to it anyways...I'm invisible." I say, turning my head away from my friend. Well...I call him my friend. The truth is, I've only known him for a week but I already trust him. I've never had a friend before. And when we got into an argument, he hasn't been talking to me. He pretends he can't see me...although he is the only one who can. (She is literally invisible to everyone but him. Credit to @his89192)