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A twenty-something with a bachelor's in English/Writing. Never without my Moleskine, hoodie, camera, or a good book. Typically found at work, writing, reading, performing, or sipping tea at my favorite coffee shop. Born and raised in the Pacific...

Ugh I wanted these so bad ever since I was a little girl... but I worry about getting them and keeping a job

Session one on this parakeet / floral memorial piece. Still have some more detailing left on the birds and need to add another flower and some background. @aemonson #tattoosbyemi #nofilter #parakeettattoo #lilytattoo #stargazer #colortattoo #jackalopetattoo #bodymods #bodymodification #tattoo #tattooartists #ladytattooers #minneapolis

Body modifications are being seen more and more as tattoo culture is evolving too ; from horns, to pointed ears, eye ink, and piercings. This is counted as the extreme alternative beauty.

60+ Wibbly Wobbly Doctor Who Tattoos