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Natsu's scary face!

It's ironic how at this moment in the series, it seems quite innocent, but later on in the series you realise how scarily accurate this actually is.

Fairy Tail Madagascar Natsu x Lucy king Julian by K6mil

Have fun SmF for NaLu fans but don't get used to it hahah also thanks for all the notes which I get from NaLu fans I changed last pic ,bec. Fairy Tail Madagascar Natsu x Lucy king Julian

You know an anime is good if you get pissed off along with the characters, when this happened I was angry. Fairy Tail is one anime that I feel like the characters have become my family  so when they are hurt I am so sad. Fairy tail is one anime you can't go without watching if you feel the same repin this! Fairy Tail for life

This was one of the most painful things to watch in this anime.but I love Erza, Gray, and especially Natsu's pissed off faces. Just shows how close much Fairy Tail cares for their family

Grown up cat Love Natsu

Grown up cat Love Natsu Well I mean he is a Leo, Leo's are always portrayed as a lion soo.