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awesome Slicing Avocado's Never Got Easier With This Basketball Hoop Inspired Avocado Cuber

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I want to find out the names of these Kitchen Food Gadgets, and where to get them from.

40 kitchen gadgets designed to make your life easier and more fun -homesthetics(48)

35 Kitchen Gadgets Designed To Make Your Life Easier And More Fun

40 kitchen gadgets designed to make your life easier and more fun -homesthetics(48)

This project goes by the name of “Water Shade” and keeps a shield of H2O around the fruit it is sworn to protect. It’s both a dish and a cover, working with water to keep freshness in and everything larger than Oxygen OUT! Designer Yitu Wang doesn’t want to keep you from your delicious apples though, so there’s a built in detector that sees your hand in approach, and thus is does desist.

An incredible invention that uses a "wall of water" around around a plate of food to keep it fresh. Water cuts off when your hand gets near to take an item out.would be cool if it worked well and didn't waste water.

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Mushroom chopper + catch cup // Press down to slice and collect in one simple action!: I eat a lot of mushrooms

http://www.ceneo.pl/Akcesoria_kuchenne?utm_source=PinterestWnetrza&utm_medium=Kategoria&utm_campaign=Poniedzialek#pid=4113&cid=5160 #kitchen #accessories #kitchenaccessories #kuchnia #kuchennedodatki #akcesoriakuchenne

Tabletop Oil Mister More flavor with less fat! This is the best way to control the amount of oil you spray on your salad, cookie sheets, and baking pans. It reminds me of Pam except for it’s chemical-free and you can flavor it however you’d like.

Portion Control Pasta Basket, Pasta Strainer, Pasta Measuring Tool | Solutions

Portion Control Pasta Basket, Pasta Strainer, Pasta Measuring Tool - Genius when you're cooking for

This is it...the great tool..I need it I am getting it and then watch out you avocados!!  I am coming to get you..cube you!!

Avocado Cuber

Are you an avocado fanatic? You toss slices or cubes of avocado into salads, soups, and just toss them on your plate to enjoy with a meal? The Avocado Cuber is designed to speed up your preparation time. You just cut your avocado in half,


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Party Snail - SoulFun Design by Kvvlu. Not only teabag holders, they come in different colors for quirky cup and plate identification. [I can't resist a cute snail.

You are going to buy this? Yes or No? Outdoor Lighting

kitchen kit - funnel, grater, cap opener, measuring cup, and more! Perfect for my TINY kitchen!

Coke Fizzy Soda Drinking Dispense Gadget Cool Dispenser drinking kitchen tools

Soda pop dispenser for mess free pouring.great idea for little ones and people not strong enough to hold and pour soda from bottle.

"Pour Thing" allows you to pour from a gallon jug or a 2 liter bottle with just two fingers. Perfect for the kids!

30 Things You Had No Idea You Needed. I can almost guarantee you'll find at least one thing on this list your hard-to-shop for guy will love! I could go for the crushed ice trays

beautiful home modifications - house modifications: Cool kitchen gadgets

Peanut Butter Maker Does fresh all-natural homemade nut butter sound good to you? Whichever kind of nut butter you prefer, you can make it using the Nostalgia Electric Nut Butter Maker

ahhh where can i get theseee

Wine Sippy Cups - Oenophilia Porto Sippers, Set of Guaranteed conversation pieces. These hand-blown serving accoutrements date back to century Europe, where they were known as Schnapps Pfeiffen.

Top Ten Spring Cleaning Gadgets

Top Ten Spring Cleaning Gadgets