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Nadya's World - Mia Rayner discovers a secret family past that reveals she is meant to be a protector of mankind and more specifically the protector of an 8 year old seer in a Romani tribe. She soon finds herself thrust into a new world of mystery and excitement as she agrees to train with an abrasive and reluctant warrior instructor. As her life starts to change, Mia realizes she must decide which world is hers and whether or not she will accept her fate as a rahki.

Rosemary's Baby - When Rosemary realizes who her husband really is, and what he and his "friends" have planned for her baby. This unsettling creepshow from 1968 is Roman Polanski's most "conventional" film is one of his best telling the slow-burn story of a young New York couple who move into an apartment building home to several Satan worshipers who want to use Rosemary's spawn as a means for Mr. Devil McBrimstone to return to our mortal realm.