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These writing quotes come from the website of author and writing teacher, Laura Davis.

They missed my favourite: 75%, realise you haven't actually planned out the climax of the book.  You thought you had, but your note just says "kaboom".  Sigh.

Michelle Griep, an author, has created an infographic called “The Stages of Writing a Book.” The piece showcases the “emotional journey” that a writer undergoes to bring a story into fruition.

It absolutely does when the perfect plot twist comes up ^^

Oh you know when I come up with one I'll just be sitting there with a bored look on my face and then go, "Oh," and this evil twisted smile appears on my face. Sometimes if it's a really good one I start laughing like some crazed psychopath

writingproblems #64: Not knowing the difference between "then" and "than."

Writing problems You spend more time planning what you are going to write then actually writing. *than but so true.

Uhhh...right. I've written on my cat before. Lol. Jk...maybe.

You Know You're a Writer When…you start carrying notebooks everywhere you go for this very reason.

These are SO true!

The horrible moment when I slip and say it out loud, referring to myself in third person!