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Sunrise New York by Jay Hwang

Sunrise New York by Jay Hwang

Oh Wow!

Supercell storm cloud (Low Precipitation) above the Gurley wheat field, Nebraska on 22 June 2012

Six lightening strikes caught at once.. Lake Michigan.

Lightning Strikes on Lake Shore Drive, Lake Michigan From: Beautiful Nature And Amazing World

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Beautiful Aurora Borealis - I love getting pictures of the northern lights and a couple of southern lights. This pairing of colors is rare to me. This is one of the more colorful ones I have seen

Aurora and Milky Way over Iceland

See this Colorful aurora borealis sky night lights nature stars pretty colors amazing aurora borealis northern

Lenticular cloud, Russia. Captured just at the right moment, when the sun is directly striking the bottom of the cloud and light is refracted through the top of the cloud. It gives an amazing two-tone effect.

First contact... or the start of World War III? Amateur cameraman captures stunning glowing cloud in the skies over Russia

Man made weather---French nuclear testing in the South Pacific