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Bell Airacobra firing all weapons in a famous publicity still. The Airacobra usually carried four caliber wing guns, two calibers in the nose, and a 20 mm or 37 mm cannon firing through the propeller hub. U.S. Air Force photo.

Flying Fortress. B17. The original specification issued for this bomber was for a two engined plane specifically for anti submarine and shipping details. However Boeing presented a far superior four engined design which was called the 399 which first flew 0n 28th July 1935. On the strength of this 13 were ordered and called the YB17 which first took to the air in April 1937. rjp

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The VL Pyörremyrsky (Hurricane) was a Finnish fighter, designed by DI Torsti Verkkola at the State Aircraft Factory (Valtion lentokonetehdas) for service with the Finnish Air Force in World War II. The war ended before the type's first flight and only a single prototype was built.

Yokosuka D4Y1-C type 2 reconnaissance aircraft Suisei "Judy" seen at Lakunai airfield during 1943.In background is Mitsubishi G3M1-L of 251.kokutai (UI-902) used as transport plane in the unit.

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