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paw posies - this company takes your dog's paw prints and makes it into a lovely keepsake.  They sent kits nationwide - saw on news late last night.

Paw Posies - this company takes your dog's paw prints and makes it into a lovely keepsake. They send kits nationwide

ratiopharm ist für anfänger! wir machen sowas! du erkennst auch gleich welche ein bisschen dicker ist...also welche ich bin! :>

SHTF Guide for Pets

"Hat Dogs" by William Wegman for Acne Studios: Best known for his work with Weimaraners, American photographer William Wegman has teamed up with Acne Studios on a humorous collection of photographs.

Dog communication: Understanding the canine language -> Click on the photo above to read the article

The Boston Terrier breed originated in Boston and is one of the few breeds that are native to the U. In the an inter-mixing of English Bulldogs and English

Wow Super Cute!  The glasses are the perfect touch :)

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Dog Treks 10 Miles in Freezing Cold to Find Beloved Mate~This is the best canine love story you will read today or possibly ever! If you thought dogs don't have feelings, get ready to change your mind. If this story doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, you're tougher than me. http://www.care2.com/causes/dog-treks-10-miles-in-freezing-cold-to-find-beloved-mate.html Dogs are awesome–if only all people were as loyal!

Dog Treks 10 Miles In Freezing Cold To Find Beloved Mate. Separated when one was adopted from a shelter Ben returned to find his mate Jade and they were rehomed as a pair.

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