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Don't click on a link claiming to show "breaking news" of MH370 found in the Bermuda Triangle. It's a survey scam.

Fake - Blue Hole by korniax on Worth1000 in the Bermuda Triangle Solved Contest... - This image has recently been linked to stories about underwater pyramids but was created for this contest in 2007........(See the ocean liner on the right? Don't you think we would have heard about it?)

Fake - Another false Malaysia Flight MH370 image showing the jet in a forest. - The original image on the bottom shows the difficult driving conditions on the Pan-American Highway in Brasil.

Winter Storm Kayla to Bring Heavy Snow, Blizzard Conditions to West, Plains, Upper Midwest (FORECAST)

Fake and Overused Weather Photos: Avoid Sharing These Images Next Time You See Them On Social Media

A look at the myth that sharks don't get cancer, a claim often touted by supplement vendors selling shark cartilage.

An alarming warning prompts cell phone users to turn their phones off due to an expected influx of cosmic rays from Mars "tonight." It's a hoax.

Fake - Red Moon over Rio de Janeiro - The original image is on the bottom and is titled "O Rio de Janeiro Continua Lindo..."(The Rio de Janeiro continues Beautiful ...) by .**rickipanema** on Flickr.

Fake - Black Friday Deaths - It's from The Onion in 2012(,30517/ )and originally stated that 42 million(Wafflesatnoon listed it incorrectly as 13) shoppers died on Black Friday. The image is a fake of the Riddenhof Shopping mall in the Netherlands shown on the right. Nothing like either claim ever happened...........