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Closeup of my Elsa from Disney

Closeup of my Elsa from Disney


Elsa, The Snow Queen. Lol tonight Lexi is running around singing let it go, wearing her Elsa dress, and being queen. Her brothers are playing along and all of them are making some very interesting noises lol

Anna and Elsa - Disney's Frozen

Someday, when we're not broken, I'll watch this movie with my sister. Because it's a sister movie and we're a redhead (me!

Frozen!! Once there lived two princess's named Elsa and Anna. When they were young they loved to play with each other. Elsa had a special magic that is bad and good but Elsa did not know that until, one morning Anna woke Elsa up and told her to do the magic they made a snowman who's name was Olaf than Anna said to Elsa make a mountain every time I jump Elsa made mountains every time her  sister jumped but then Elsa slipped and she tried to make another mountain but shocked her on the…

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The best quotes from 'Frozen'

There is no better friend than a sister and there is no better sister than you. Love this movie & my sisters


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This is funny! For the princesses, I hate how they changed some of the dresses to make them look prettier.

Making of Realistic Disney Queen Elsa from Frozen - Not a Cosplay