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eren you little angel <3

Lol This is how I honestly see Levi and Eren Because bdsm is totally part of the anime,right? gear>>>what how does that have anything to do wit- okay nvm i don't want to know

Levi Ackerman | Attack on Titan / Shingeki no kyojin apt / snk | anime funny lol

Fail XD and the reason why he holds cups like that is so that they dont break because when he was little he had a teacup i think and when he touched it he broke the handle <<<< That makes it way more ironic then. Just funny.

Attack on titan

I just realized who the people are in the drawing! Annie, Jean, Mikasa and Levi! Mikasa's got like the worst nosebleed and Levi.

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Eren is a psychopath ~Attack on Titan, Shingeki no Kyojin

*eren trips and breaks vase* *after beating him up, Heichou grins*

Holy shit Ouran High School Host Club and Attack on Titan crossover I can't even this would be such a happy story!<< Kiss Kiss fall in blood

This is sooo cute!!! if only I knew japanese

I love that it is Manga Eren and Levi:) I can tell because of Erens pretty yellow eyes