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The breeds of chickens that laid these actual eggs are listed in this post! (April 7, 2012 - The Featured Creature)

unusually simple - plastic/wooden/etc eggs, your choice of paint, design of your choice, wreath frame, hot glue gun and hot glue, ribbon of your choice. The visual pretty much explains the operation and if I start now I might be finished by next Easter.

Olive Eggers--For Green Eggs and Ham!

Easter Egger chickens plus French Coppered Black Marans chickens will produce hens that lay olive green eggs!

Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs

I love this photo of these eggs in a basket....I love nothing better than a perfectly poached (free range happy) egg on scrummmmmy wholegrain toast dripping with (organic) butter in the mornings to start my day off x

Great Idea for a fair Easter Egg Hunt. Each child can only collect their colored egg. This prevents one child from grabbing all the eggs.